Discover what makes us unique

Customised Company Profile

Create your own employer site, show the company brand identity with logo and banner.
Tell about the job openings; explain about your company’s vision and more. Catch the suitable candidates.

One-click Apply

We have teamed up with extensive free and premium career sites to let you attract the best candidates, only with a single submission.

Unlimited Job Posts

We understand each company has different hiring quotas and needs, that’s why we offer you freedom of job posts. There is no limitation of job posts you can advertise. And if that’s not great enough, our feature gives you the authority of unlimited numbers of users applied on your career site.

Background Verification

We value honesty and integrity. Our profile verification ensures authenticity and credibility; so we provide this feature to help you identifying risk for safety and security reasons. This also will add confidence to your hiring steps, as well as giving equal and fair opportunities to qualified candidates. With ValidCandidate, pre-employment background verification is secured, and handled by experts.

Transparent Screening Process

It is essential to track each step of the hiring process, that’s why our platform is designed to be utilized effortlessly. You can easily view your pending works, interviews, and to dos on your dashboard.

Application Form

Create a tailored application form of each job, including screening questions with optional video feature.

Detailed Scorecard

Be able to determine the status of your applicant the moment they apply. Assess your applicants profile through our editable categories.

Mobile Friendly

Our platform is optimized for mobile, gives you flexibility on the go.

Interactive Hiring

Contacts your applicants directly through our messaging application, and get notifications of correspondence activities by your team members, including a calendar schedule, scorecard to fulfil, etc.